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Working Drawings is an exhibition of work that is the result of a three-year project I set up to raise the profile and increase public awareness of traditional building skills in use in our rural communities. I wanted to reverse the modern trend in schools to focus solely on academic success and to change the attitude that manual skills are for those who cant cut it academically.
I see myself as a layman, my role as an artist to record my experiences of these craftsmen working in our rural communities. My drawings are a celebration of their skills and trades. They are a response to the energy and physicality of the work and the dedication and pride displayed by these extraordinary craftsmen. The scale of the works breaks boundaries, challenges preconceptions of drawings and allows the viewer to experience both the energy used in making the drawing and the energy in the subject of the drawing itself..
Using our bodies as well as our minds is a fundamental human need, and many believe that the craft of building and creating work with our hands has a vital part to play in our emotional and physical health.
These trades are represented in the spirit of artists work recording everyday life in the rural communities such as Jean- Francois Millet, Vincent Van Gogh and Stanley Spencer.

”As an artist and mother I believe in the instinctive need each of us has to be creative. I also believe we must take responsibility for our surroundings and encourage the next generation to do the same”.

You can read more about the project on the Work Drawings brochure here

“As an artist and mother I believe in the instinctive need each of us has to be creative”


– Malca Schotten